Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life - Wednesday

I've decided to participate in a special project this week called "Week in the Life". I will be documenting the daily details of our lives with pictures and words and reflecting a bit on the parts that I'm especially grateful for. This project is inspired by scrapbooker/blogger/artist Ali Edwards, who does this one week each year and encourages others to participate.

As it happens, this week will be a week chock full of activity, family, and special moments. Both our boys celebrate their birthdays! For that reason this project seemed especially appropriate this year. I really hope I can be faithful in my picture taking and journaling (historically two things I struggle with). I will be posting my pictures and some of my journaling here on my blog over the course of the week but then I will assemble it all into a set of scrapbook pages after it's done.  Thanks for sharing the week with me!

The Day

Wednesday was definitely "hump day" this week. More like "speed bump day". Week in the Life pictures just didn't happen much today. Everyone had a rough day today and we were all feeling it by the evening. Hopefully a good night's sleep and some warmer weather will make tomorrow a better day.

6:30am - Wet and dreary this morning. I'm tired. I dress a little nicer than usual because I have a meeting this afternoon, but then had to go out in the wet grass to uncover the garden beds.

8:00am - Drop off the kids at school, leaving a camera with Carter's teacher so that they can capture a few shots of him today at school. I hope they get some good pictures!

11:30am - Lunch at an Indian restaurant with a co-worker, then back to the office. I forgot to take a picture - I was too busy scarfing down the delicious food! So far I'm being pretty slack on pictures today.

3:30pm - Important meeting finished (thank goodness). Just a little while longer before the day is over!  Good thing too, because I have a headache.

5:00pm - Leaving work...the weather has definitely improved. Sunroof open!

5:30pm - The kids didn't get good naps today at school because a fire drill interrupted the nap time. I forgot to pick up the camera from Carter's class to bring it home. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures his teacher took.

6:00pm - Making quesadillas, one of our favorite weeknight meals. We eat together, then I go upstairs for a little bit to change sheets on beds, do laundry, etc before the kids' bath time.

Our roses are blooming like crazy - the branches are heavy with huge blossoms. They are so gorgeous.

8:15pm - Bath time then pajamas. Everyone is tired, grouchy and in a funk.

9:00pm - I still have a headache. I'm in my pajamas writing the blog post for today...lights out by 10:30!

sometime in the middle of the night...we had a brief thunderstorm, which meant that David joined us in bed, which also meant I woke up contorted and falling off the edge of the bed. :-)

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