Sunday, April 22, 2012

12 on the 12th - April

Supplies Used: Photo processing actions - My Four Hens Photography; Around the Way No.2 Template Album - Biograffiti; Ohana Kit - Biograffiti; Funky Journalers Fix - KStudio

This year I've been trying to get into the habit of taking 12 pictures on the 12th of each month, inspired by Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog. (Thanks, Katie!) April 12 was a typical Thursday, filled with work and school. The day was sunny but still cooler than the summer temperatures we had seen in March. This past week the weather has been like a taste of the "spring" that we missed. We stopped at the gas station on the way home - a reminder of the depressingly high prices in place right now ($3.81 per gallon!) and I snapped a quick picture of my cool dudes sporting their shades. Pasta e Fagioli soup was on the menu for dinner. The boys played with trains while I cooked, then Daddy handled bath time so that I could finish making a card to go along with a baby shower present. All in all, a pretty typical day for our family in 2012.

I have used the same template by Biograffiti for all my 12 on the 12th pages so far. I like the way it's working out - the end result is a good mix of pictures and a few pieces of paper for artistic interest. I usually add a bit of embellishment (here, a frame and a stamp in the lower corner) and a journaling tag summarizing the story for the day. The pictures today were all iPhone pictures - some via Instagram. I processed most of the non-Instagram photos using the "Glimmer" action by My Four Hens. I like that these pages don't take a lot of effort to create. At this point it's as close as I've come to getting into Project Life. (Maybe next year?)

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