Thursday, April 18, 2013


Supplies Used: Field Trip Kit - Sahlin Studio

Hard to believe it, but THIS little guy is going to be three next Wednesday. It's crazy to look back on a picture like this, taken not long after his first birthday, and realize how much he has changed in less than two years. What will the next two be like??

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Squared

Supplies Used: Hot Mess Template No. 2, Knockout Mask Skinny Stripe - Splendid Fiins; Happygram Kit - One Little Bird; Serendipity Alpha - CD Muckosky

Can't get enough of those two happy faces, those two giggling mouths, and those four arms hugging each other.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Project Mouse!

They keep coming! (Hey, at least these pictures aren't just sitting on my hard drive anymore.)

Supplies Used: Project Mouse Papers, Project Mouse Characters, Project Mouse Character Wordbits; Project Mouse Elements; Project Mouse Basic Cards - Sahlin Studio/Brittish Designs; Knockout Mask Fat Diagonal - Splendid Fiins; Pockets No. 6 - Valorie Wibbens
left side page
right side page

Supplies Used: Project Mouse Papers, Project Mouse Basic Cards, Project Mouse Character Wordbits, Project Mouse A Day at the Park Wordbits - Sahlin Studio/Brittish Designs; Classic Album - Splendid Fiins

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ode to Oreo

Supplies Used: Time Capsule Papers, Scenes from Real Life Kit - One Little Bird; Press Cards No. 23 - Paislee Press; 4x6 Stitched Frames No. 2 - Amy Martin

Oh, Oreos. How do I love thee?


Supplies Used: Suncatcher Elements and Paper - One Little Bird; Nectar Paint Vol. 1 - Sara Gleason; Wood Veneer Arrows - Sahlin Studio; Kraft Photo Tabs 2 - Wild Blueberry Ink

Look at those two heads. Two brothers cuddled under the blanket together, watching TV together on a Thursday night. Love these moments.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Whatever the Weather

Supplies Used: Bring Your Brella Kit and Knockout Mask Rain, Messy Stitches - Splendid Fiins

Umbrellas are fascinating when you're two and four. It was worth it to stand in the cold rain to get this cute picture. And I am "gushing" over this kit, especially the Knockout Mask in the raindrop pattern. So fun!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ready for School

Supplies Used: So Much to Say Papers and Cards - Splendid Fiins; Beige Like Me Papers - One Little Bird; Fresh Kit - One Little Bird/Sahlin Studio; For the Record Kit - One Little Bird/Paislee Press; Bottlecap Dates, Button it Up Fresh - Sahlin Studio; Mess It Right Up - Kaye Winiecki; Layered Up In You Circles Vol. 2 - Lauren Grier

I can hardly believe that my first baby will be starting kindergarten in the fall! We've been doing all sorts of things to start getting ready, including his first visit to the optometrist. He looked so tiny sitting in that chair, but he was an outstanding patient!