Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharing is Sweeter

Supplies Used: "The Story Of" template - In the Making Design; Cottontail Papers and Embellishments - Samantha Walker; Easter Bingo Card Kit - Jenni Bowlin Studio; Printed Tickets Baby Boy & Girl - Jenni Bowlin Studio; Date Labels - Jenni Bowlin Studio. All supplies available from

I wasn't quite sure how the Easter Egg hunt would go this year. Apparently Carter showed more interest in playing on the playground than on the egg hunt they had at school. So I figured the egg hunt at home might turn out the same way. We don't have many trees or bushes, so the brightly colored eggs were pretty obvious. David was off to a quick start and I started trying to point out eggs to Carter so he would keep up. Every time he would spot one David was right there to pick it up too. But then something awesome happened. Without any prompting from us, David started putting eggs into Carter's bucket. He would pick up one or two for himself then the next find he would give to his brother.

Sharing really is sweeter.

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