Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life - Thursday

I've decided to participate in a special project this week called "Week in the Life". I will be documenting the daily details of our lives with pictures and words and reflecting a bit on the parts that I'm especially grateful for. This project is inspired by scrapbooker/blogger/artist Ali Edwards, who does this one week each year and encourages others to participate.

As it happens, this week will be a week chock full of activity, family, and special moments. Both our boys celebrate their birthdays! For that reason this project seemed especially appropriate this year. I really hope I can be faithful in my picture taking and journaling (historically two things I struggle with). I will be posting my pictures and some of my journaling here on my blog over the course of the week but then I will assemble it all into a set of scrapbook pages after it's done.  Thanks for sharing the week with me!

The Day

6:30am - Wet and dreary again this morning, but at least it's warmer. The boys dress in matching outfits today because they will be getting their pictures taken at school. We were actually up and dressed and eating breakfast a few minutes after 7, which is good for us. I went out to the garden to take a peek at how things are faring and I found two newly ripened strawberries! (And these ones hadn't been gnawed on by critters yet.) The boys and I shared them. They weren't very sweet, but they were OURS.  :-)

7:40am - The boys are at school getting their pictures taken. I tried not to be too obvious snapping a few pics of my own - I didn't want to get in the photographer's way. At least one of the shots she got is going to be SO CUTE - I can hardly wait to see it! I attempted to take another picture of them before I left, but they were being a little too silly to stand still for long...

8:30am - Working.

11:45am - It's drizzling outside as I leave for lunch. I thought it was supposed to reach 78 degrees today! It sure doesn't feel like it.

12:00pm - Eating lunch out with my mom at our favorite spot.

Meanwhile, at daycare...

Yep. That's my kid.

6:00pm - Back home. Dinner tonight was a pretty laid back affair since I hadn't taken anything out of the freezer and I really didn't feel like cooking anyway. The boys ate cereal/cereal bars, some applesauce, cheese sticks, etc. I had cereal too - my favorite Great Grains with raisins, dates, pecans. Yum.

6:30pm - I go upstairs for a little down time to upload photos, write the blog post, etc. Pretty soon it will be the usual bath/bed routine for the kids then a bit more computer time before bed.

Friday will be a busy day - excitement is building around here for celebrating the boys' birthdays on Saturday. Much cupcake baking will occur tomorrow! Stay tuned for those pics.  :-)

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