Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grandpas Are

Supplies Used: Photo processing actions - My Four Hens Photography; Everyday of the Year Kit – Sugarplum Paperie; Today Mini Stitched Tags – Ali Edwards; Soho Sweetheart Collab Kit – The Digi Chick; Blossom Hill Road Kit – Laurie Ann; Daydreamer Kit – Creashens
This page was all about the picture for me. My mom was the official photographer for this special grandparent-grandson day trip. She got this one shot and I immediately fell in love with the picture of my Dad and my son walking together. (Check out the matching engineer hats!) I absolutely love snapping pictures of the two of them from far away, capturing a moment when they are engaged with each other. There was a bit of distracting detail that needed to be removed, such as a big pipe/water meter in the foreground and some sort of crane in the background, right in the middle. Cropping the rectangular photo to a square helped me solve the first problem. The second problem was solved with a bit of cloning - copying the sky to cover the crane.
I made two copies of the enlarged photo. one right on top of the other. The bottom layer was processed with the "Brotherly Love" action from My Four Hens and the color layer was processed with "Barefoot Vintage" (oh how I love that action). After the photo processing I added the frame on top and placed it where I wanted it to go, then used that as a guide to select and remove all the part of the color layer outside the frame so that it just exposed the bottom black and white layer.
The other technical detail of this page that presented a challenge was the journaling. I knew I wanted it to follow the lines of the sidewalk but I didn't really know how to make it do that in PSE. So I ended up with a simple yet slightly tedious solution which involved creating multiple text boxes, each one set to the proper width so that the journaling stayed inside the sidewalk edges. As the edges got wider, the text boxes got wider. Perhaps there's a better way to do this, but hey, it worked! And I love the end result.

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