Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life - Tuesday

I've decided to participate in a special project this week called "Week in the Life". I will be documenting the daily details of our lives with pictures and words and reflecting a bit on the parts that I'm especially grateful for. This project is inspired by scrapbooker/blogger/artist Ali Edwards, who does this one week each year and encourages others to participate.

As it happens, this week will be a week chock full of activity, family, and special moments. Both our boys celebrate their birthdays! For that reason this project seemed especially appropriate this year. I really hope I can be faithful in my picture taking and journaling (historically two things I struggle with). I will be posting my pictures and some of my journaling here on my blog over the course of the week but then I will assemble it all into a set of scrapbook pages after it's done.  Thanks for sharing the week with me!

The Day

6:30am - Very similar to Monday's entry. I did go out and uncover my garden beds before leaving for work. Boy, was I glad that I put those blankets on last night! There was a layer of frost over everything. My bush beans would probably have died for sure if I hadn't covered them, but they look OK. Hooray! I'll probably cover them again tonight.

8:00am - Happy Birthday, Carter!!  His awesome teacher makes these incredible posters when each child in the class has a birthday. She uses different characters for each one, and Carter's poster featured our good buddy Mickey Mouse! (She hand cuts these...no Cricut or Silhouette involved!)

8:30am - Work. Meh. Had to make some changes to the report I built yesterday.

12:00pm - Had to run an errand at lunch time then hurry back for a 1:00 conference call. My lunch consisted of an Arby's sandwich and fries consumed before and after my call.

3:00pm - Hit the snack machine for some cookies. Need energy to tackle work this afternoon. We have a very very busy few months ahead of us and I'm getting kind of stressed about it.

5:00pm - The clouds in the sky looked so awesome this afternoon on my drive from work to daycare.

5:30pm - Shortly after we arrive home we decide to go outside to enjoy some sunshine and to take pictures, especially since it's Carter's birthday. Hands down, my favorite moment of the day.

6:30pm - Dave and I don't really feel like eating a big dinner, so I have cereal and I make some dinner for the boys. Carter got to eat out of the special "red bowl". When I was growing up my family had a single place setting of red dishes with white hearts around the edges. This was the special "red plate" that you got to use if it was your birthday or you were celebrating some other special day. When we started our families, my parents gave my brother and I both a red place setting of our own. I have kind of forgotten about it for past birthdays - have to make sure we observe this tradition more often!

7:00pm - I get a little bit of a break to catch up on blog reading/emails/etc while Dave watches the kids.
I was recently accepted to the creative team at JessicaSprague.com (yay!) so I have a lot of things to read and comprehend about how that will work.

8:15pm - The kids come upstairs for bath time. Just to make things easier, Dave undresses them downstairs so they can just come up and get in the tub. Little David did this really silly little dance on the way up where he wiggled his little naked butt and hips - he had me laughing pretty hard. It feels so good to laugh with the kids. I need to do that more often.

8:30pm - The kids and I sit together in bed for a few minutes watching a show before bedtime. Love my boys.

9:00pm - I put Carter in bed and say "Good night." On my way out the door I hear his little two-year old voice call out "See you 'morrow, Mommy". Love, love, love.

9:15pm - I go downstairs to get some angel food cake and discover that hubby has finished off the last of the homemade strawberry freezer jam I made last weekend. I grumble and go out to the garage to get another from the freezer, but secretly I am happy that it turned out so well and that we love it enough to finish an entire jar in a matter of days. Good thing the recipe made 8 jars!

9:30pm - I'm in my PJs about to get in bed with my cake and my laptop when I realize that I forgot to cover the garden beds tonight. Sigh. I put on shoes and a jacket and go out in the dark backyard praying that I don't come across snakes or anything else creepy out there. These bush beans had better be blue ribbon-worthy, is all I can say.

9:45pm - Cake and laptop, finally! Finalizing the blog post for tomorrow.

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  1. What a great day to remember!! Happy birthday to your son and love that red plate tradition. The kids are so cute and fun! I wouldn't want to go out in the garden at night either,eeekk

    Yummy looking cake and homemade sauce!

    Congrats on the DT, have fun with it!


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