Saturday, September 29, 2012


Supplies Used: Retrospective Kit, Modern Dates - One Little Bird; Hello Life Title + Journal Boxes - Ali Edwards; Cut in Pieces Template - Katie Pertiet

Journaling reads:

I’ve been trying so hard to make exercise a habit this year. I enjoyed classes at the YMCA during first quarter but couldn’t quite make it work with my schedule. Then when spring rolled around I bought good running shoes and started working through the Couch to 5K program. I enjoyed having a goal to work toward, even started running occasionally with Sarah, but still found it hard to keep up when life got busy. Finally, finally I had started up again in earnest, made some real progress in distance and pace, was prepping for an actual race in October when my back pain, which had been nagging for weeks, became too much to ignore. Sidelined again. I sat out a frustrating two weeks with no exercise, waiting for the symptoms to subside. I’ll be starting physical therapy soon - getting some help to incorporate more stretching and strengthening to my regimen. Hopefully I’ll emerge from this experience smarter, stronger, and more determined to maintain this hard-won dedication to being healthy.

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  1. Keep at it Amy (the healthy/excercise thing). My husband was all set to run his first race on Sunday, but tripped over our dog while out for a run Friday eve. She went between his legs and he fell hard. He's got at least 6 weeks with no running (hamstring) and he start PT tomorrow. Via him, I can feel your pain.

    I love the chevronish look of your LO & the dark background. Awesome!


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