Thursday, September 27, 2012


(This post inspired by Ali Edwards)

Currently I am...

Feeling pain in my lower back, brought on by my recent foray into running/walking. I visited the doctor today, and will be starting physical therapy soon. I find this frustrating because in trying to do something good for my body it has caused unwelcome bad side effects. I'm trying to view it as part of my journey to wellness, which apparently for me needs to become more well rounded and include different forms of exercise and lots more stretching.

Committing to keep working at the exercise and participate in my first 5K coming up in three weeks.

Watching very little TV these days, except the preschool kind. Spending my free time in the evenings working on scrapbook pages.

Scheming about how to move forward with a new idea I've had. I've already discussed it with my Dad and I think it's something we would undertake together, starting with some experimentation.  Could be fun!

Growing cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and some other fall crops in my garden.

Thwarting whatever little critters keep coming into my garden and nibbling up the lettuce and spinach as soon as it sprouts. May need to admit defeat in this area and purchase some seedlings this weekend from the Farmers' Market so that I can make up for lost time.

Dreaming about the future, which lately has included jobs and the kids' educational opportunities. Little D will be starting kindergarten next year, and I've been researching private schools and thinking about how to become more personally involved with his learning experiences.

Eating Oreos and milk every night before bed. My usual ritual.

Worrying about my husband's health.

Realizing that, along with exercise, we need to change our eating habits. I'm struggling with HOW to do this. While I know in my head what needs to be done it seems an overwhelming journey to undertake and one that may not exactly be well-received by the entire family.

Lamenting the potential future loss of some favorite foods but committing to keep the Oreos.  :-)

Loving the crazy things the kids do and say. They alternate between making me nuts and making me laugh. I'm trying to focus more on the positives and enjoy spending time with them while they are in the phase they are in right now, defiance and all.

Trying to stay interested and engaged at work.

Wondering what it means when I have to try so hard to stay interested and engaged at work.

Appreciating beautiful, mild weather and the emergence of fall. I love summer, but I do enjoy the changing colors and the holidays that arrive in the latter part of the year.

Dreading wearing cold-weather clothes because they are not nearly as composed and up-to-date as my spring/summer clothes. I'm already sick of them and I haven't even started wearing them yet this year.

Chastizing myself for complaining about clothes when I am incredibly blessed to be able to buy things that I need and want.

Thanking God for the ways he has blessed me and looking to the coming months with expectation, hopefulness, and open arms.

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