Friday, September 28, 2012

Journey to Saqqara

Supplies Used: Smootzy Frames Fun & Funky, Mixed 2 Backgrounds, Shmootzy Alpha No5, Certified Organic Borders, PDQ Overlays Vol 11 - Nancie Rowe Janitz; Very Krafty: The Neutrals - Splendid Fiins; Vintage Postcards - Jodie Lee; Make Your Own Postmarks Pack, Messy Stamped Textures No.1 - Katie Pertiet; Around the World Collab Kit; A Day at the Beach Collab Kit
I reached waaaaay back into the archives for this picture, building a bit on a long-term project that has been sitting neglected for a while. I participated in a study abroad program in college that took us to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Italy. I have had almost half my photos from the trip converted to digital format and have done very little to get them scrapped - they've just been sitting on my hard drive. Glad to be able to finally add a bit more to it, and relive the fun memories again!

This picture shows the stepped Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara (outside Cairo). The pyramid was neat, since it represents the earliest form of pyramid building prior to the well known complex at Giza. But the more amazing sight at Saqqara was the mastaba we visited. Mastabas are part of the funeral complex, built to house the remains of other prominent officials of the day. The artistry of the carved walls, some still bearing their original paint were breathtaking. Every wall was covered floor to ceiling in hieroglyphics and pictures. I found it alarming that most of the walls were unprotected at the time, though it did afford an incredible and unobstructed close up view to the builders' handiwork.

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