Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emperor Zurg Invades Halloween

Supplies Used: SuperVillains elements; SuperVillains patterned-paper pack; Super-comic panel 12x12 layouts; Splendid Tutorial #6- Super Comic Photos; Super halftone edges; Super halftone-splatters; Super elements v1 - All products by Splendid Fiins (available at
Last Halloween David decided that he wanted to be Emperor Zurg from "Toy Story", Buzz Lightyear's mortal enemy. (He's got a thing for villains, apparently.) I'm typically not one to go out and purchase a costume, plus this character was rather obscure, so I probably wouldn't have been able to find it anyway. So I made it myself from a purple T-shirt, some felt, foam, and a black plastic tablecloth. The "gun" was made with plastic cups glued to a plastic plate and spray painted. He was thrilled, of course, and even to this day he will occasionally pull out the costume and want to put it on.

When it came time to scrap the Halloween pictures, my creative juices ran out. I just could not get the page to look right - I wasn't happy with the paper or the colors or the elements...nothing looked quite right. So the page sat unfinished for a long time until I ran across this "Superhero" themed stuff from Splendid Fiins. Not only does she have some brilliant templates, papers, and elements but she also had a really easy tutorial for how to give pictures a comic-like effect. Finally, a page I was happy with! Sometimes all you need is a creative kick-start.

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