Monday, May 6, 2013


Supplies Used: May 2013 Freebie Template - Amy Martin; Knockout Mask Woodgrain - Splendid Fiins; Birch Tree Elements, Nectar Paint, Trellis Borders - Sara Gleason; Layered Up In You Circles - Lauren Grier; Sunday Afternoon Papers - Laurie Ann; They Keep Falling Alpha - Allison Pennington; The Contessa Font - Heather Joyce; Lost in the Meadows Papers - Micheline Martin; School Is In Papers - Kaye Winiecki; Mini Miss Mess Alpha - CD Muckosky

He would've made a super tiny T-Rex snack, wouldn't he?

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  1. Amy, your love to your boy is immense. It's such a rare gift in our life to have somebody who's your creation. I know that there are creations of another kind - art projects. But what I mean is that a human being is the most perfect creation.


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