Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Supplies Used: Knockout Mask Which Way, Messy Stitches - Splendid Fiins; Take a Walk Paper Pack - Rachel Young; Birch Tree Elements - Sara Gleason; Dymo-Bet v2, They Keep Falling Alpha - Allison Pennington; The Contessa - Heather Joyce; Thumbs Way Up - Emily Merritt; Calendar Stamps - Designs by Lili; Messy Paint - Amy Martin

It was just earlier this year that Carter "graduated" to a toddler bed when we took the side off his crib. That change went more smoothly than I expected. We decided to go ahead and replace the uncomfortable crib mattress with a twin-sized "big boy bed". I can't say this change has gone quite as smoothly. He seems to feel a bit more empowered to get up and down from the bed now and he still doesn't sleep under the covers. But part of me realizes that battles over staying in bed will turn into battles over getting out of bed before I'm ready and this little face will be all grown up. Until then I'll enjoy cuddling up for book reading each night and relenting to requests for "just one more kiss".

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